Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Composting Taking Off

The following is reprinted from an informational email sent out by James Housgo, our in-house community organizer for the home-based composting program. I am sure you will find it interesting. Please consider taking part!

Hey ISKL! These are the numbers on composting so far:

12 - bins of waste we have composted so far this year
360 - kilos of ISKL organic waste composting right now on Ivan's organic farm
27 - ISKL families that have a compost bin RIGHT NOW
950+ - ISKL families who COULD be composting (read below if you want to start composting)

The second drop off/pick up for the compost bins will be on Thursday, October 1st.
• Ivan (the director of City of Hope, the organization we work with) will pick up your full compost bin from where the motorcycle parking spaces in the back parking lot meet the awkward and steep ramp up to the Blue Top; the ramp on the art-room-side of the Blue Top.
• When you drop off your bin, please bring RM10 to James Housego (MS music) and he will pass it to Ivan (you can also put the RM in James' mail box in the main faculty lunch room).
• Pick up your new empty bin and your bag of composted soil at the end of the day from the MS music room - how's that for instant gratification? :-)
• If you would like a second bin, so that you never run out of space, there are more bins in the MS music room (deposit RM40 is required)


The background on Ivan - our compost contact:

Ivan grew up in the jungle and learned sustainable environmental practices during his upbringing. He is knowledgeable about the processes of composting, farming, and restoring ecosystems to a point where they are totally sustainable (bugs, plants, the whole sha-bang). Now Ivan runs an organic farm in PJ where he trains people with physical disabilities to produce sustainable ecosystems, composting etc. THEN the trainees are sent to orphanages or other non-profit organization where there is a plot of land that has been let go to waste. His trainees regenerate the earth around the orphanage and train the staff there how to compost and keep their ecosystem sustainable. Ivan also works with schools, government agencies or anyone else who just wants to learn how to do what he does; he is currently consulting with the HS Earth Club. Composting at home reduces your waste, reduces smelly odors in your trash bin, and helps to support Ivan and his progressive program for the regeneration and sustainability of Malaysian gardens and non-profit lands.

Do you have questions on how it all works? Ask these people who are already composting:

HS Earth Club * Laurence Myers * Julie James * Jeffrey Samson * Lisa Mangelsdorf * Joan O'Donnell * Brian Foudy * Mark Walsh * Kenny Peavy * Angus Carmichael * Jay Peters * Pamela Smith * Richard Petersen * Malia Bodhaine * Rob Whiting * Ann Whiting * Kendra Gonnerman * Billy Thomas * Jaime Thomas * Linda See * Alex Smith * Lynne Smith * Sinbald Cheng * Adria Rosendale * Doug Woodward * Diana Greer