Friday, May 21, 2010

Redefining the Way Forward

I am hopeful that, in looking back to this point in ISKL history sometime in the future, we will be able to say that the academic year 2009-2010 was a defining year for ISKL. Not only was the creation of the Environmental Coordinator position a solid move forward for our school, but also the search of a new campus is underway and, with it, the deliberations behind the scenes with architects and mechanical engineers to ensure that when the move happens it will be done so in a sustainable manner.

In looking forward it seems that this particular moment in time is one of defining our priorities and our outlook. When a new campus is built (it seems only a matter of time now) we will have big shoes to fill. Apart from determinging what facilities we need to ensure that our students will prosper educationally, we also have to focus much more what the campus will mean, how it will function, what it - the facility itself and its purpose - will mean for the education of our future alumni. It is hoped that our new campus will be a shining beacon of sustainability and an example of schools across the world. It will be a functioning example of how we can manage a school and promote sustainable practices all in one.

We are fortunate that in conjunction with the establishment of the Environmental Coordinator position, and the current re-structuring of things "green" at ISKL, we are also happily surfing the wave of eco-consciousness across the globe. Steadily the concepts of sustainability and eco-friendlyness are seeping into our daily life. Students are organizing tree-planting sessions. Student clubs are promoting energy savings and reduction of paper. From here on out it will be important for students at this institution and any other to become knowlegeable, skillful and responsible toward the environment, their behavior in it and their usage of it. From here on out ISKL makes a major impact on the environment simply through its choice to purchase new land and develop it. Certainly any new campus will have a massive impact on the immediate area it is built on. Though we do not know where this land is, one can only assume that, to find a piece of land large enough to sustain our educational needs, there will be an impact on the environment that surrounds it. The fact that we are going to build a campus is an environmentally impactful action in and of itself. From here on out we have a choice to make... do what has always been done, or step out and make a statement, embrace sustainable practices and change the future learning of our students.

I am hopeful that, looking back on this year, we will be able to say that the humble beginnings of the Green Team in 2002 set the stage for greater things to come, and that the year 2009-2010 was a defining year in redefining the education for our students. It was the year that ISKL decided to walk the talk. Great opportunities await along side the great responsibility we have of educating the future leaders of our world. But if there ever was a chance to say we are making a difference, this could be just what we have been waiting for.