Monday, January 11, 2010

ISKL Breaking Ground

Almost two years ago the Green Team was asked to present the administration with, in the words of Mr. Chmelik, "Bold thoughts". The bold thoughts document that was generated as a result of that initial discussion established the foundation of today's focus on greening out campuses, promoting best practices and establishing ways to limit use and waste or resources. Perhaps the most bold initiative, however, was that of an environmental coorinator.

For years the Green Team has been saying that, if our school wants to really move forward with things "green" it needs to put its wallet where its mouth is, and provide a position based on time (not just a stipended position as has been the case in the past). Two years down the road, several discussions further, presentations and deliberations have now resulted in measurable success: The creation of an Environmental Coordinator position that will move our school solidly and boldly where very few institutions like ours have gone before.

With the selection of an Environmental Coordinator our school has, in many ways, made a committment to the environment and to our community. It has committed itself to establishing ISKL as a premier "green" institution. It is taking a risk in doing so, and breaking ground where, for many schools, such initiatives are but small shows of support to a growing list of environmental issues that affect us all.

ISKL moves forward with the creation of this position, and the choice of Gus Carmichael to fill it, knowing that it is breaking new ground in international education and creating a prototype in how schools might soon operate all over the globe. We certainly hope that this foresight shown by our administration and board, and supported by our community, will benefit the environment for future generations of ISKL graduates.

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