Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Communication is Essential to Sustainability: Why is that?

It's been a long while since I've written on this blog, largely due to the fact that one thing lead to another and life essentially got in the way. In one sense that's great. It means that one is busy, hopefully positively busy - with life to worry about writing about it. It's the same reason that, for so many of us, writing letters is a thing of the past. The letters that once took so long to cross the world were often also longer, since they happened less frequently. They were gradually replaced by shorter pieces of information called e-mail. Then followed rules about how the emails had to be short to be read. Then came social media. Now communication happens in mere blips. Short. Fast. Furious. 

But communication is necessary to share a message, whether that communication happens in large amounts or in small uploads, whether there are words or not. For young adults it is a major form of personality sharing, socializing and being who they are. Communication is a necessary part of our community too. It's a way to ensure that we all know what's going on, so that we don't lose touch. So that people know we care. It's a way of being able to keep up-to-date with all that stuff going on week in and week out. 

No matter what the specific purpose of a particular piece of information, it is necessary that it's there. And so it will be with this blog and with the Sustainability and Service Learning programming in general. You can expect this year to be one where I attempt to 'get the message out there' as well as continuing to develop the wealth of information that Angus Carmichael, my predecessor, was able to put onto the Green Pages website. 

So, as the year begins and we all set about to our 'lives' in and out of school, keep an eye out for such communication on the Green Pages, on the Sustainable ISKL blog, on the Friday Flash (which hopefully you are receiving electronically) and soon through those ever-fun social media sites. Go forth and make this year a special one with less waste and more consideration for the environment. I'll keep in touch!


Nynaeve said...

I totally agree with your comment on keeping communications open. I have been living overseas for a while and now slowly easing back into the hecticness that is of Kuala Lumpur. I am definitely proud there has been significant changes (or slight move forward if i dare say) in the awareness department. Much more than what I am seen in the last two years at least. It's positively motivating to know that there is hope for a better community understanding for this matter.

Green Team said...

You're absolutely right about KL slowly moving toward the right direction. Though it is still a city that is growing (and all that means in terms of construction, waste and population) there seems to be a slow seeping of consciousness into the people. There is soooo much more work to do, still, however. We have to stay positive and keep on going. :-)