Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year... New Resolutions... Same Sustainable Thinking

Happy and healthy new year to one and all!  New beginnings are a great time to assess and set goals for a brighter future. Perhaps it's losing some weight, or getting higher grades. On a global scale too, people tend to do just that. In that light I'd like to share a bit of news from the Harvard Business Review, "Top 10 Sustainable Business Stories of 2012" by Andrew Winston ( It was shared with me by a colleague and I felt it a great link to this post.  I invite you to take a look at the article which, among other things, has done a nice job of piecing together things that are being done with what must be done moving ahead. 

We often speak of the fact that, at ISKL, we hope to instill a sense of positive leadership in our students who, one day, will become leaders in their field. The school has high expectations of its students and graduates. As such, sustainable decision making is imperative for their future success. Winston's article is a shining example of the types of things that are already being done by governments and multinationals (no different from the demographic of our community) to account for global climactic changes and increasing resource scarcity. 

As a school and as a community we resolve to move forward with sustainable practices, learning and decision making. We recognize that Education for Sustainable Development is not a 'bonus', but an imperative to ensure that our students have the knowledge, understanding, skills and disposition to further our commitment to brighter future. What better a new year's resolution to make than this? 

All the best wishes to all of you for a bright and wonderful year!

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