Thursday, May 30, 2013

ISKL: Malaysia's First Green Flag School!

After several year's worth of efforts, with the guidance of Mr. Carmichael (and now myself) and the leadership, over the years, of Nathaniel Zacharia ('12), Samantha Lee ('13)  Alysha Alizan ('14), Deanna Annuar ('14) and Diksha Srishyla ('14) but with valuable support of the Green Council members, community members, teachers, staff, parents, students - all of us - we have achieved a first for Malaysia, the Eco-Schools Green Flag!

This feat stands as the recognition that ISKL is well in it's way toward giving its students the necessary tools - knowledge, skills, empowerment and stewardship - to put "green" in everyday decisions. I am so very proud of all the students for leading the way with initiatives, action plans and a willingness to learn teachers who have done such a wonderful job of putting ESD into their curriculum, parents working on manners to create sustainable events, staff supporting sustainable changes, and administration working to establish best practices. I have always said that it takes a village and this award is the result of the fruitful efforts of all of us. 

In some ways this is just the beginning of putting ISKL "on the map" however. With the Green Flag comes great responsibility as well. We are, from here on forward, a beacon for sustainable education for those around us. It is a secret wish we've had for a while, and though a recognition such as this only validates what we've been doing, it gives us the impetus to become a leader throughout the country and region, to collaborate with schools and to spread the word outside our walls as well as within.

A big big thank you to Eco-Schools for providing us with this award (which will be formally given to us in a ceremony at the beginning of next school year), to the members of visiting delegation, to all of us who, in little steps, have come a long way!  Congratulations to the Green Council and to ISKL on being the first Green Flag school in Malaysia!

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