Wednesday, February 5, 2014

MS Eco Challenge Week Starts Up

In an earlier article we have a number of new eco clubs across the school. The clubs, by nature of their sustainability-related mission - are all automatically part of the Green Council and, by extension, part of our Eco-Schools program efforts. The MS Roots & Shoots Club, newly created, is moving forward with an Eco Challenge Week next week. Their slogan "Dare to Care" is apt as they hope to involve middle school students in a number of awareness-raising events:
  • Monday is Paperless Monday
    • One day without paper (better bring the laptops!)
  • Tuesday is Carbon Footprint Awareness Day
    • In their home groups students will participate in doing personal carbon footprint analysis of their lifestyle choices
    • If you want to take a look feel free to visit
  • Wednesday is Make A Pledge Day
    • Using home groups will participate in making pledges for the environment/health
  • Thursday is Swap Day 
    • MS students are encouraged to bring a gently-used item to swap for something different!)
  • Friday is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and... Refuse Plastic!" Day
    • Drink things that don't come in that plastic bottle!
Apart from the obvious benefits of the day's reduction in waste related behaviors, we are hopeful that the MS will use the week to participate in important conversations regarding not just the world's resources but perhaps more importantly, discussions about the impact of personal choice in creating solutions for a sustainable future. Nicely done MS Roots & Shoots!

PS. Two seniors just made a great PSA video a week or so ago regarding recycling, specifically to address the issue of proper separation of recyclables at source. If you're interested take a look HERE.

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Robert Steele said...

Wow! love this idea. Really cool Eco-week challenges. Great job Roots and Shoots!

but would love to know the results and evidence of what occurred that week. These indicators are the real evidence that we are making a difference. And if we are not hitting our target, we can use the evidence to help us develop new and better strategies for making this event more effective next time.

What were the results? Do you guys have some data?