Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2013-14 Sustainability & Service Learning Roundup

By the time you read this article you might already be en route to your perfect summer hideaway. Time perhaps to recharge, relax, see family and friends. As it should be. For every busy year needs a less busy time off and we all deserve it! This note serves as a quick review of sustainability and service learning initiatives/projects that have added a good deal to the culture of our school and the learning of our students. Here's a quick look of some of the highlights of 2013-14:

  •       The presentation of the first Eco-Schools Green Flag award in Malaysia by WWF-Malaysia’s Executive Director/CEO, Dato’ Dr. Dionysius Sharma to our Green Council co-coordinators, Alysha Azizan (’14) and Deanna Anuar (’14)
  •        Development of a new "Green Vision Statement" to be introduced next year
  •        Development of new ESD standards
  •        Creation of a new ESD diagram (based on UNESCO's dimensions of sustainable development
  •        An Eco-friendly International Fest with use of bussing and without single-use plates/cutlery.
  •        Year round Trash Free Fridays at Melawati (and almost every day in the Preps).
  •        GAP service programs to 29 destinations across Asia.
  •        Creation of an interactive garden at Melawati.
  •        Earth Week (including a very successful Earth Hour).
  •        MS Malaysia Week teams utilized new Sustainability Site Assessment Report forms.
  •        River Rangers programs developed in grades 3, 7 and HS Environmental Studies supporting local water testing and data collection on behalf of the Global Environment Centre and Department of Irrigation.
  •        Weekly visits by Ecocentric Transitions to our Prep classes focusing on positive interactions with nature (e.g. planting, vermicomposting).
  •        The first Ampang community tree-planting event with the support of the local government (MPAJ) Youth and Community department.
  •        The inaugural Eco-Schools Mini-Conference organized by the Green Council.
  •        Initiation of a “Service for the Better” service learning program in grade 4.
  •        Visit by the new campus architects to grade 5 and sharing ideas on energy use.
  •        Continued collaboration with WWF Malaysia and Ecocentric Transitions to identify a site for use as a Nature Education Centre (for HS outdoor education and Environmental Studies classes).
  •        HS & MS Student proposals for vermicomposting (grade 7 Global Issues) and solar charging stations (grade 9 EAL) have been received and followed up next academic year.
  •        Integrated sustainability best practices for on-campus events, flights, etc.
It's been busy, no? Things are happening and the kids are growing. But then again, it's about to come to a screeching half with the coming of summer. We wish you all a friendly, happy, family and friend filled, green-as-can-be summer break!

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