Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Guides Us

On the Sustainable ISKL website (https://sites.google.com/a/iskl.edu.my/sustainable-iskl/) one can click on a link to "What Guides Us". It was originally simply a vision statement, but it has grown along side our school's sustainable ethic. Part and parcel with sustainability education - what we call Education for Sustainable Development (or ESD) - is a recognition of the interconnectedness of different dimensions of sustainability and a realization that a sustainable present and, indeed, a future, is something that provides many opportunities for our community. 

The beginning of the year - right now - is perhaps the perfect time to share our new Green Vision Statement with our community:

“At ISKL educating for sustainability, nurturing nature and helping others are essential in the construction of a sustainable future; one that involves a balanced interaction with nature, engagement in stewardship for the Earth and it’s people, adapting to ecological limits and embracing the opportunities offered by a sustainable world.”

The statement itself took a good deal of time to develop, largely because it required the input of teachers, administrators and, most importantly, students. If one looks closely he/she can see a smidgeon of ISKL's Eco Code (Eco Schools), a style of our school's vision statement and a few statements that highlight what we hope our students to imbibe. Though often not written in standards and benchmarks, three key points shine through:
  1. Balanced interaction with nature is essential,
  2. Engaging in making positive change for both the Earth and the people who call it home is part of an exceptional community, and
  3. Tomorrow holds a world of opportunities
The statement will guide us as we move forward through this year and those to follow. It whispers of tall orders and difficult challenges but, perhaps more importantly, it confidently speaks of exceptional people doing exceptional things on an exceptional planet. That is some education, don't you think?

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