Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Real Life Collaboration

Ever since ISKL became Malaysia's first green flag school we have been in a bit of limelight, so to speak in the world of sustainability and environmental education. Certainly it has thrust us into the view of many schools - both internationally and locally - who are paying close attention to what we do. It's a great feeling that we can be proud of all we have accomplished to date. But there is little time to sit on one's laurels. There's work to be done. Collaborative action planning, to be exact. 

This past Wednesday our Green Council played host to the Green Club from SriKDU. It was a very productive few hours with a variety of activities facilitiated by our Green Council members and Sustainability Coordinator. Our visitors received an "eco highlight tour" of our Ampang campus and were duly impressed. They also had time to work closely with our Green Council members addressing issues in our schools and brainstorming ideas on how to address them. Leverage points were identified and action plans were initiated.

On Saturday this type of collaboration will extend even further. Our Green Council will host it's 2nd Eco-Schools Mini Conference. The event will include the participation of SK TUDM Subang, Sri KDU, Alice Smith, SMK Damansara Damai, SMK Bukit Indah Ampang, a few independent members of our community and a local community organization called EcoCentric Transitions. It is poised to be a powerful, authentic, collaborative experience for all and we hope to challenge the global issues that are faced by our schools on the local level. 

It is such authentic and real collaboration that allow our students to truly become global citizens. There is power in such out-of-school collaboration across cultures, educational systems and perceptions. It's just another glimpse of the exceptional education that we provide at ISKL and a true testament to all the students and adults - in all the schools - who are involved in building a bright future.

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