Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Two New Clubs Go "Live"

It's always great to see students engaging with their community. It also wonderful to see them taking initiatives to involve in making their world a better place. For the past few months we've had two very different groups coming together, one from HS and one from ES. 

At the HS this week marked the initial building of new garden beds which were placed in the nursery behind the art building. The beds have not been entirely placed yet, as schedules so often get in the way of finishing projects on time, but they will be by next week. The HS Garden Club, advised by Mr. McCutcheon will be the "owner" of this space and will take care of it, ensure that plants that are grown are utilized, and also create a small compost area to ensure good quality soil. 

This week was also "go time" for the new Children Helping Children after school activity at Melawati. Around 16 ISKL students, advised by Ms. Varney and Ms. Manglesdorf, have signed up for what appears to be an excellent connection with the Fugee School (comprised largely of Somali refugees). This activities willl meet with the Fugee School children once every other week (with their first face-to-face interactions having taken place this past Tuesday). The alternate weeks the ISKL students will spend time planning for the subsequent meeting with their new friends. 

Both these activities are indicative of the willingness of our students to engage with their community. In doing so they learn from and learn with their respective points of interaction. Global citizen building, one interaction at a time.

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