Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Annual Report for Environmental Literacy

This Annual Report is generated by the ISKL Green Team as a reflection on the year as it pertains to environmental education and literacy. It is presented to the Director of the School and Administrative Council as a component of the on-going evaluation of environmental and sustainable practices.

The format follows that of the document “Bold Thoughts: Toward an Environmental Ethos at ISKL”, presented in May, 2008 to the Administrative Council as a blueprint for future direction.

Written Documentation

· Green Team recommendation to take part in the Green Schools Alliance Climate Commitment as a “Climate Steward” (committing to a reduction in carbon emissions over the next five years). (

· Director’s explicit statements regarding environmental practices in school-wide communication.

· Creation of Green Space blog at which was linked to the ISKL website.

· New ISKL vision statement introduced which explicitly includes the “environment”.

· New ISKL SLR introduced involving “living ethically”.


· Student-based projects have taken place this year involving:

o Reduction in water bottle usage

o Reuse of plastic containers at Connie’s

o Thermostats set to 22 degrees Celsius

o Composting pilot program

· Global Issues club and classes participated in Earth Week Eco Expo and Orangutan Rock.

· Earth Week 2009 included 12 outside organizations visiting ISKL, two visitng speakers, community events and Orangutan Rock events that generated funding of over RM 25,000 for Orangutan Appeal UK.

· Introduction of Global Issues Courses at the MS level.

· Plans to establish a Global Issues course requirement for students starting in 2009-2010.

· Proposal (pending) to introduce a Sustainable Future course at the HS, proposed to begin in 2010-2011.

· Introduction of HS Geography course which includes issues of environmental sustainability.

· Increase in experiential learning opportunities for 7th grade science curriculum.

o Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

· Grade 1 initiated two new units:

o “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” with culminating Earth Week assembly.

o “Field to table” focusing on environmental impact of food choices.

· Tree-Planting stewardship program initiated with Global Environment Centre with an optional participation of ISKL students in two tree-planting expeditions, totalling over 100 trees.

· Introduction of environmental components to the newly established Global Action Program at the HS. Environmentally-oriented trip options include:

o Bali: Adventure and Art on the Island of the Gods

o Laos: Jewels of the Mekong

o Thailand: Reefs to Rainforests

o Thailand Eco-village Sustainable Living Adventure

o MESCOT reforestation program in Borneo.

ISKL as a “living, carbon-neutral campus”

· Using The Carbon Neutral Company website ( a baseline carbon assessment of ISKL was made. Results indicate that operations at ISKL have resulted in the following carbon emissions:

o Premises Total: 1,788.48 tCO2

o Company vehicles total: 30.19 tCO2

o Business Travel total: 46.33 tCO2

o TOTAL: 2,063.47 tCO2

· ISKL has hired a new gardening/landscaping contractor

· ISKL has hired a new cleaning company, using more non-toxic, environmentally appropriate cleaning products.

· Development of monthly reports and displays relating to energy usage and photocopying.

· Energy audit by outside consultant to determine ways to reduce energy use.

· Set up of in-class thermostats is all classrooms.

· Technology Department plans to re-use computers that will be replaced across the school. Recipients have not yet been identified.

· Using the Energy Star website ( we developed a baseline assessment of energy use at ISKL Ampang campus. Results indicate that ISKL Ampang campus has reduced annual energy use by 1.1 % in the period going back 12 months from April 2009 in comparison to the previous 12 months.

· Discussions regarding ensuring the use of environmental best-practices in determining what/where/how to build a new campus.

Financial Support

· The Green Team has generated funding from PTA Grants for the development of a composting system at ISKL

o RM 5400 has been established for the purchase of chippers and composting bins.

· The Green team Grant Program provides funding (up to RM 1,000) to school groups who need funding for on-going, self-sustaining, environmentally-appropriate programs or activities.

· Conversations have been broad for the development of a full-time Environmental Coordinator at ISKL.

· Environmental Coordinator Position job description has been created (currently in draft form) and presented to the Administrative Council and SILC Board Committee.

· Funding has been ear-marked for an environmental coordinator to begin in 2010-2011

Behaviors & Practices

· Online survey completed by staff members regarding their perceptions of environmental needs at ISKL.

· Draft of “Looking Forward” plan developed for consideration in 2009-2010.

· Administrative decisions include the elimination of commercial water bottles and the provision of healthier food service options.

· Positive steps forward have been made in terms of economic benefits of environmentally-appropriate practices.

· Established environmental component to be part of ISKL’s overall annual report to the community.

· Further measures need to be established.

· Establishment of water stations in both Ampang and Melawati campuses in lieu of commercial water bottle use.

· Posting of energy usage advertised around school.

· Establishment of the Green Team Environmental Ethos Award, given annually (only if appropriate) to deserving students in the MS and HS.

· Discussions regarding financial incentives to participate in environmentally-appropriate behaviors.

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