Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Back... Home Composting and more.

By now the routine should have started settling in. Students are finding it harder to wake up in the morning. Teachers are madly rushing about trying to make sure that their lesson plans are set and ready to engage in education. Administrators are roaming the halls ensuring a high quality education is being offered. Parents are busy making sure their little ones are up and running for another academic year of vigor and rigor.

The search is on, as I write this, for a new Green Team Coordinator who will engage our community in introspection, reflection and action of the "green" sort. In the process, things are happening...

A growing number of teachers and administrators are taking on a new environmental task this year: Home composting. Working in conjunction with "City of Hope" (Bandar Harapan) based in Subang, these people have promised to store their vegetable and fruit left-overs in blue 35 lt bins (provided for a deposit of RM 40) which, once filled, will be exchanged for a new empty bin, and the process will continue. City of Hope, in turn, takes all the left over flora and adds it to their compost heap with which they provide much-needed nutrients to their organic garden, run by a small force of volunteers. At ISKL Mr. James Housego (MS Music) has taken on the task of being coordinator of this program. Any families want to join in? Just talk to James.

And so, as the search continues for the new Green Team coordinator (we will keep you posted on that one) we hope that your travels were good and that you are looking forward to a happy new "green" academic year!

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