Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sustainability & Service Learning Goals 2012-2013

 Goals are interesting things. They provide direction;  serve as targets; they show you the way. But there are often many different paths to the same destination. Though lacking goals is probably not what one wants for a school, moving in a certain direction while maintaining a relative flexibility to deal with short term flows and ebbs are necessary elements. I am hoping that this year is one of progress, to be sure, but which allows for the variety of perspectives and positions in our community to be recognized, valued and incorporated into the direction we are moving. I am sincerely hoping that this year continues to be one of moving forward for all of us: Those who teach, those who learn, those who speak, those who listen, those who act and those who support. What about me, you ask? Well, here's my direction:
  1. Increase visibility of the Sustainability & Service learning efforts at ISKL
  2. Foster links with local organizations
  3. Support sustainable practices throughout the ISKL community
  4. Engage students in environmental initiatives that make positive impact
  5. Support teachers in planning and implementation of ESD/Service Learning
  6. Promote student ownership and leadership in environmental and/or service learning initiatives
  7. Reach Eco-Schools Green Flag status (by 2014)
  8. Lessen ISKL's impact on the environment
  9. Infuse ESD throughout the curriculum
  10. Ensure that designs for a new campus are environmentally sound, provide natural spaces for leisure and support on-campus environmental education
  11. Ensure that the curriculum prepares students for leading a sustainable lifestyle when they graduate
  12. Provide evidence of ISKL's commitment to environmentally-friendly practices on both campuses
  13. Engage members of the ISKL community in sustainable practices (through appropriate decision-making)
  14. Ensure that ISKL follows the CIS/WASC recommendations for environmental stewardship
  15. Identify and share best practices for service learning
  16. Develop guiding principles in service learning programming
  17. Establish a service learning philosophy, mission and vision
  18. Inventory service-related programming at ISKL
  19. Link service learning to curriculum and/or program where natural fits exist
  20. Provide service opportunities for the community
  21. Establish a service learning organizational chart

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