Saturday, September 22, 2012

International Fest Going Green!

The International Fest is arguably the event of the year. Normally held in the latter part of the year, this year the PTA has opted to move it forward and create a bit of a community building event for families eager to share their culture with the rest of the world!  But wait! There's more!  What started three years ago as a small table offering reusable plates for the eco-conscious visitor who, none-the-less wanted to get a taste of all the goodies, the "Rent-a-Plate" initiative has grown, and grown, and grown.  Last year over 350 sets were 'rented', prompting the PTA International Fest organizing committee to request an expansion of the program. Here's what that means for this year's event:
  • We expect the event to be styrofoam free
  • We hope to minimize all single-use utensils and/or plates to biodegradable options
  • We invite countries to use reusable plates, bowls, cutlery and cups exclusively
  • We ask those thinking about taking food home to consider bringing their own reusable containers (but we'll have biodegradable containers just in case)
  • We ask country tables to consider minimizing packaging when possible
  • We ask that families bring some extra cash as a deposit for "rent-a-plate" sets. The deposit of RM 5 will cover the cost of a plate and fork (or bowl and spoon). Sets can be replaced at any time and the deposit will be happily returned when you're done for the day!  
  • You can find the "Rent-a-Plate" station conveniently located to all food outlets, just outside the cafeteria
Coordinated by Mrs. Anne Baillie (PTA International Fest Environmental Coordinator), Ms. Siew Thai (Assistant to the Director of Operations), Dahlia Zailani (HS Student and HS Earth Club member) this initiative is a true community effort bringing together all country coordinators, our Ampang campus cleaners, our grounds crew and a host of others who are working diligently to make this a showcase event for sustainability!

So, expect this year's International Fest to not only offer fun for the whole family and a wonderful array of shows, sounds, tastes and colors, but to also provide visitors with the opportunity to be Earth-friendly while we're at it!  Come on over!

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