Monday, October 1, 2012

From Green Pages to Sustainable ISKL: A New Website Arrives!

For a few year's now we've come to know the Green Pages as the portal for all things "green" at ISKL. It has served us well and has been an excellent resource for our community. With the passage of time, and with my position changing from Environmental Coordinator to Sustainability Coordinator it was felt appropriate to also change the name of the Green Pages to Sustainable ISKL.

You'll find that the site is largely the same, though it already has a few subtle differences in format and style. Over the next year and beyond work will continue on things sustainable on our campuses and, with that, you can expect that the site itself will become an even bigger source of information and resources. 

So, what's in that Sustainable ISKL website anyway?  The first thing to remember is that it's an internal site, so finding it from outside the ISKL cyberspace will require you to sign into your ISKL account. Once there, though, there is some pretty good stuff.  The site is divided, for your reference, into sections as below:
    • Welcome page
    • Vision & Goals
    • Environmental Indicators (how we know how we're doing)
    • ESD (Education for Sustainable Development)
    • Earth Week
    • Eco Schools
    • Archives (for older information)
    • Calendar
    • Blog
    • Green Council
    • Teach & Learn (resources for teachers & students)
    • Useful Links (nature trips, organizations, etc.)
The site, of course, also features links to our environmental and sustainable clubs on campus as well as our environmental initiatives. Expect those too to be updated and new initiatives shared on an ongoing basis!

We hope the Sustainable ISKL will be a clear indication of ISKL's commitment to sustainability in how we function, how we teach, how we behave and in the decisions we make each and every day. Naturally we would be thrilled to have your feedback and comments on the sites form and function, thoughts on how to make it better and any additional ideas you might have!  

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