Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eco Expo 2009 - A Wealth of Resources

Eco Expo 2009 was a smashing success! All told ten student groups, companies and non-government organizations were represented, bringing a wealth of knowledge and resources to ISKL's Ampang campus. Whether visitors were browsing reusable shopping bags, sustainable diapers, the large variety of orang asli wares, adopting trees or turtles, purchasing photos of Borneo or discussing home composting and water assessment options, the event allowed our community a chance to take a closer look at sustainable initiatives and lifestyle choices. Thank you to all the groups and organizations who participated!

The MS Global Issues Club invested much time in promoting reusable water bottles on campus and generating a signature drive regarding water bottle use on campus.

Bandar Harapan Organic Farm offers composting solutions for homes and (maybe) ISKL! Home-based composting bins are available for a small deposit.

Tetra Pak has been a regular participant at Eco Expo for three years now. Creating a playful display that allows students to participate and win recycled Tetra Pak prizes, this company has a highly recognized environmental ethic.

Gerai Orang Asli sells traditional crafts made by Orang Asli communities in Malaysia. Each item sold is identified by its creator and 100% of the proceeds go directly back to the artist.

Wild Asia promotes environmental education and the re-establishment of natural corridors where palm plantations have made a negative impact on local ecology. They also provide adoption of trees.

The WWF is widely known around the world. At ISKL's Eco Expo they were promoting their turtle initiative in Malaysia.

Noah of Jungle Voices has a wide array of high-quality photos of Borneo. Proceeds from the purchase of the photos go towards sustainable practices in East Malaysia.

Global Environment Centre promotes sustainable use of water, conducts water assessments for businesses. The Green Team hopes to establish a partnership with them allowing ISKL's carbon emissions to be partly offset by their tree-planting programs!

From cloth diapers to reusable bags and pencils made of recycled newspaper, Tiny Tapir is a small but veritable sustainable shopping paradise in KL!

TrEES has been integral in the creation of the Selangor State Park and also is ISKL's long-time recycling partner.

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