Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Week Tree-Planting: 95 tons of carbon offsets!

Saturday, April 18th was a normal sunny morning. Six ISKL students pulled themselves out of bed and got to school early to do their part in a grander tree-planting scheme organized by the Global Environment Centre. Naomi, Chris, Andy, Sofia, Mavendra and the veteran tree-planter Angelica took the 75 kilometer trip to the Raya Musa Peat Forrest Reserve where they would participate in the second tree-planting even that ISKL has taken part in. The students survived two and half grueling hours under the sun and jumped over irrigation canals, helping each other stay out of pitfalls and mud traps.

All told, the six students planted 95 trees. With each surviving tree estimated to offset close to one ton of carbon over its lifetime it seems evident that ISKL student have made a great start to Earth Week! Judging from the collective enthusiasm after we returned to Ampang all coated in mud, with smiles all around and statements of "it was awesome" and "I'm going to bring all my friends along next time" it would seem that we're off to a good start!

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