Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Week Waterfall Hike

This past Sunday, April 19th, Charlye Woolman, Cecile Woolman and Lisa Nazim marched a group of ISKL community members up the back end of Zoo Negara toward a waterfall. The group of 43 people, largely comprised of Melawati students and their parents, was able to hike into the woods, cool off at the waterfall itself, and hike back out. All in all the hike was a huge success! A special thank you to those organizing, of course, but also to everyone who participated in this fun and nature-based activity!

Research has shown that such forays into nature are crucial in developing an appreciation for and an understanding of nature in youth. Evidence suggests that the earlier the chance to partake in nature-based activities the better one's sense of connection to the natural world as an adult. It is wonderful to see so many people hiking with Charlye, Cecile and Lisa (and her husband Jimmy!).

For pictures of the hike, please copy and paste the link below to your web browser:

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