Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Developing an Eco Code

From time to time this column has focused on Eco Schools and the impact that it has had on our inner workings and outer image.The process was just completed with our Envionmental Executive, Samantha Lee, pressing the "upload" button on the Eco Schools website sometime over the past weekend. If you'd like to see what we've come up with, feel free to visit the site at http://eco-schools.wwf.org.my/index.cfm?menuid=50&action=showcase&sid=25

Though Smantha was the one to press the button, it was the culmination of months of worth of work, deliberation, planning, action, data gathering and evidence by our entire Green Council executive - at times in Samantha's absence - to support what we do at ISKL and how that best fits into the Eco Schools program. Though several of our projects - namely our hydroponics and sensory gardens - are still in the planning or preliminary execution stage we are moving forward on all fronts. The latest front: The finalizing of our school's Eco Code. Though it might seem simple, involving a good number of people in such an endeavor becomes a complicated process, but even more rewarding when a final product reveals itself.

So, after consulting with our Green Council members (some executive, some advisory) and asking for student feedback, the executive members sat down and deliberated all sorts of ideas and thoughts. How do we write something that idenfities what is important, yet not overdo it so that it becomes cumbersome and uninspiring?  The students took close to a month to put their thoughts together, to create a manner of sharing the code and finalize the wording. The final product is based on the concept of "Eco Panthers". The ISKL Eco Code focuses on what is important to our community by way of sustainability, while revolving around the concept of ISKL community, our spirit and the panther that stands as a recognizable facet of our school culture. 

The Eco Code will be reviewed annually so as to establish that it appropriately reflects our schools sustainability culture. Look out for it to adorn our campus walls, classrooms and bulletin boards in the next few weeks. And while you're at it, let us know what you think. I'll be happy to pass along the feedback to the Green Council members.

Go Eco Panthers!

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