Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EW 2013 Daily Digest: Malaysian Garden & Can Crushing

Did you know that 100 aluminum cans can be quite successfully crushed in just over one minute?  In what was probably the shortest event in ISKL history, the Inaugural Can Crushing Competition took place today in the HS Deck areas. Though slow to get going, the event attacted close to 50 students who watched, cheered and applauded their favorite contestants. In what appeared to be a near photo finish ending the 20, Greg Robertson of IASAS Rugby greatness, won the competition.

Later in the afternoon a much quieter, but probably more long lasting, event took place. The first phase of the Malaysian Garden (possibly to be renamed later on) was completed. In total 32 plants - pandan, cat's whiskers and one lime tree - were planted as part of our Eco School initiatives. The next steps include the planting of lemongrass and the placement of a sitting area (perhaps a rock or bench).

One fast. One slow. Both great! 

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