Thursday, April 25, 2013

EW 2013 Daily Digest: Uniform Swap & "Celebrations" Show

The morning at Melawati was a pretty filled one. Before students even got off the bus many of them were outfitted in "Earth Day" colors and themes. Walking down the hallways one could see the greens and the browns, the recycling signs emblazoned on a variety of t-shirts. Then, walking down the corridor toward the playground, just at the end there, is a table set up with nothing but blue and white uniform shirts. Grade 5BW was busily helping out a number of children there to swap outgrown uniforms for slightly bigger ones brought in by older students. It was abuzz with activity!

Then, at 8:30 the show went on and what a show it was. The grade 2 students impressed everyone in the audience with their ability and skills, but even more so with the message that diversity is a strength, the wonder of cultural variety in traditions and celebrations and, finally, that we can really make a majorly positive impact on our environment, starting here and now. It was hard not to walk away with pride for a job well done and hope for a better tomorrow. The show goes on tomorrow at 8:30 am as well so if you have the time please consider going. It really is worth it!

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