Tuesday, April 23, 2013

EW 2013 Daily Digest: FRIM & Earth Hour

Sunday was a good day to be outdoors. Relatively cool and dry it was great for clean uppers, rock climbers and hikers alike!  The pictures above are from the FRIM hike, organized by a naturalist and field guide friend of ours "Green" John Chan.  He does trips with groups nearly every weekend and has often led ISKL group walks in a variety of locations. This time is was only a small group but given that FRIM is closed on Sundays we expect that the experience was probably close to magical.

This morning the ISKL Earth Hour took place. Both Ampang and Melawati teachers, staff members and students were invited to participate for one hour (8 to 9 am). I was at Melawati at the time and realized just how powerful turning off the lights and A/C is in getting classes outdoors. All sorts of wonderful sights could be seen with children and teachers engaged in reading, discussions and story telling, all outdoors. In one side the students sat and read quietly. Another group or art students took the opportunity to draw plants. Other groups visited the green space, or participated in planting (Prep Senior) activities in the Prep garden. All in all it was an hour of outdoors learning. Absolutely awesome!

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